Alondra González

Marketing Manager | UX Specialist

About Me

A committed and highly focused UX Specialist with 4 years of experience in the creation of omnichannel digital ecosystems that balance business objectives, user goals and technical feasibility.

I enjoy developing Baselines; doing complete Site Audits, researching Analytics, Social, Search and more to help understand the current Competitive Landscape. Knowing “where we are” is essential to setting goals of “where we want to be” and planning Roadmaps to get there.

Data and Analytics are crucial, however qualitative research and creativity helps make sense of the numbers; identifying trends, offline factors and most importantly the users’ mind helps not only add a human touch to technology, but makes metrics insightful and actionable.

personal information

12 March 1991
Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc, CDMX, Mexico,
+1 (52) 55 767 103 80


Spanish native
English intermediate


  • Weight Lifting
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Telar de Cintura Prehispánico

work experience

Marketing Manager | UX Specialist

SeguroSimple Mexico | Peru

SeguroSimple is an insurance broker dedicated to facilitate the hiring process that is currently complex and to offer accessible prices according to the specific needs of each person. It has different products such as life, home and vehicular insurance. Currently has participation in Mexico and Peru.


Advanced Technical Site Analysis – Including but not limited to: canonicalization, site architecture optimization, inbound/outbound link analysis, error reporting, 301 redirects, meta data optimization, page load speed analysis, textual and media content optimization, internal linking and more.

Content Strategy – Conduct keyword research used to inform original, unique, informative, helpful and converting content, while managing and educating content writers on SEO. Often involved proofreading, editing, optimizing, etc.

Currently responsible for the transition from traditional insurance sales to online sales, in a market with a lack of awareness about insurance and contracting digital services.

Product Manager

Exur LTD

Company focused on Digital Marketing. Integrated by 15 brands in 9 countries, also it is involved in different market segments such as e-learning, business opportunity, weight loss and currently skincare. Impacting the life of 45,000 customers improving their life quality and solve their pain points.


Oversee the roadmap and delivery digital products. Collaborate with the company owner to develop a product vision and then work closely with engineers and designers (UI/UX) to bring the product to market. Carry out MVP experiments, A/B Testing, prototypes and user interviews to get fast feedback, improve or adjust development and product launch.

Perform competitor benchmark analysis and identify savings opportunities, direct and indirect customer requirements giving place to potential product enhancements, differentiation and positioning. Maintain continuous alignment of program scope with strategic business objectives, and make plans to modify the roadmap to enhance effectiveness toward the business result or strategic intent. Always taking the data as the main indicator.

Achievements September 2016 - June 2017

Challenge: The company can not invest in new segments or experimentation of new products, stagnation point. The overhead is high.
Solution: After analyzing large profitable companies, we come to the hypothesis that a subscription system could give stability to the company.
Participation: Investigation of the needs of clients and clients to obtain insights and benchmark, Sprint master for the creation of an MVP, communication with the stakeholders, direction of the content strategy with Marketing and UX. A / B testing to get the best subscription model.
Result: 3 months later we built a community of more than 3,000 subscribers that meant 10% surplus on overhead giving the company the opportunity to open up to new experiments, market segments and traffic purchase.

Digital Project Manager


A results-driven professional with strong client-centric skills and an agile approach to project management. Responsible for defining the scope of the project, objectives and resources in collaboration with the technical team to define the backlog and its growth. Remove impediments and protect team members from disruptions that can minimize their productivity.

As a Digital Project Manager I had to identify the possible risks and implement and manage changes in the project. Supporting agile methodologies such as LEAN and SCRUM to focus the team to test the assumptions, get feedback and adjust, in each sprint as part of the project life cycle. Metrics of performance and reach (Speed, Technical Debt, Burndown charts, etc.) have been the center of my decisions.

Challenges: I consider my biggest challenge and achievement with EXUR has been transmit and evangelize a culture of agile development product and user-centered.

Web Developer


Among the main projects include a loyalty system for the Volkswagen dealerships called "Lealtad Winner", implemented throughout Puebla. Where I led and formed part of the creator of the system modeled by the agency also trained the workers in each dealership. I also developed augmented reality projects for Nextel.


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I

Master en Marketing Digital con Especialización en Analítica Web


Inbound Certification

Content Marketing


Prep. Training: Certified ScrumMaster

DigitalMarketer - Online School

Content Marketing Mastery

Social Media Mastery

Email Marketing Mastery

Udacity - Online School

A/B Testing by Google

Problem Solving with Advanced Analytics

Udemy - Online School

Product Manager

1 day MVP 2.0

TreeHouse - Online School

Full Stack Web Developer

Udemy - Online School

Project Management, PMBOK

Mastering Agile Scrum Project Management

Time Management & Productivity

DigitalMarketer - Online School

Conversion Funnel Mastery

Conversion Rate Optimization

Paid Traffic Mastery

Universidad Politécnica de Sinaloa

Ingenieria en Informática

Prácticas profesionales I: Identificación de microcalcificaciones en mastografías - Dr. Jesús A. González Bernal

Programa Delfín - Verano de la Investigación Científica y Tecnológica del Pacífico

Automatización de Procesos Administrativos con Uso de Software Libre

Volunteer Experience

Leer Contigo - Cuentos que curan

Storytelling and accompaniment

Casa Refugiados

Spanish Teacher